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Exploring El Rosario, Sinaloa

The Municipality of Rosario is located in the south of the state of Sinaloa, 65 km south of Mazatlán; it borders the municipalities of Mazatlán, Concordia, and the state of Durango to the north; the states of Durango and Nayarit to the east; the municipality of Escuinapa to the south; and the Pacific Ocean to the west.

El Rosario Sinaloa

Tourist Routes and Tours


Dive into the history of the Indigenous Totorame Lordship at its community museum and the unique 16th-century San Pedro Apóstol Temple. Taste the delicious coyocoles made in this region since pre-Hispanic times! Climb 230 steps to reach the viewpoint where Hernán Cortés sat in 1535 to observe the conquered territory and new lands to be delivered to the Spanish crown. On our return, we will tour historic Rosario.

Route of Handicrafts, Traditions, and Magic

Matatán-Hacienda del Tamarindo-Rosario

Want to meet the Matachines and see artisans crafting palm furniture? Let’s go to Matatán! This beautiful village is nestled at the foot of the Sierra Madre Occidental with incredible landscapes. Enjoy freshly baked bread and refreshing raspados! At Hacienda del Tamarindo, locals share their beautiful legends, like that of the Virgin of Guadalupe Temple and their ancient traditions. We will visit the Charro Arena, the Dam, and the Millennium Christ. We conclude with a visit to Rosario Mágico.

Route of Mezcal and Magic

Cacalotán-El Rosario

Cacalotán, land of the Xiximes and mezcal, where you can see the making of this Mexican beverage. Stroll through its cobbled streets, admiring its beautiful architecture, visiting its museum and the old Loreto temple, among other interesting sites. Here you can taste delicious bread baked in a clay oven and unique-flavored popsicles. We continue with a tour in El Rosario, Magical Town.

Route of Legends

Historic Rosario

A wonderful performance that takes you on a journey through time, where you will meet characters who have contributed to the magic of this town; Ignacio Fletes, Teófilo Noris, El Payo, Lola Beltrán, Tula Escobar, Carlos Hubbard, and Horacio Llamas, among others.